Verizon could have the new Galaxy Note 7 in stock on September 23rd


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Yesterday, we put out a poll asking why people are still using the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after it has been recalled. The overwhelming response has been “I’m waiting for the safe Note 7 replacement.” Samsung and carriers are more than happy to exchange your Note 7 for a different phone, but people who want the new Note 7 have been stuck waiting with a ticking time bomb.

Rumors have consistently pointed to next week as the time frame for replacement Note 7’s. We’ve heard dates from September 19th to the 21st. A new claim from a Verizon customer points to the 23rd as the big day for Big Red. A Reddit user says he was given this information from a Verizon rep at his local store. Users in the same thread have heard conflicting information from their local Verizon employees. We’re not sure who to believe on this one.

Carrier reps have been known to get information wrong. There’s a very high probability that this is another case of a rep sharing false intel. On the other hand, there have been rumors pointing to next week. We’ll have to wait and see to find out. Hopefully, the rumors are true because a lot of people are still using a dangerous phone.

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