How to watch the Bills vs. Jets NFL stream on Twitter tonight



The NFL season is already one week in the books, but tonight marks a major milestone. Watching NFL games has been difficult and expensive for cordcutters in the past. Last year, the NFL experimented with free streaming on the internet with Yahoo. This year, the NFL made a deal with Twitter to stream all of the Thursday night games. Here’s how you can watch the Jets vs Bills tonight.

How to watch on the web


All you have to do is go to or visit the Moments tab. The TNF page is populated with tweets from people talking about the game. You can join in the conversation with the #TNF hashtag. This stream should also work on your phone or tablet. You do not need a Twitter account to watch.

  1. Go to or the Moments tab
  2. Enjoy!

How to watch on your TV


The best way to watch football is obviously on your TV. Twitter has that covered as well, if you have a compatible device. Twitter launched a new version of its app for the Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, and Apple TV. The Thursday night games will be available to watch with the app, no TV subscription or Twitter account required. The Twitter app will also show the timeline of tweets.


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