Motorola targets Apple and Samsung in latest ad, “Skip The Sevens”


Motorola is taking on both Apple and Samsung in its newest ad entitled “Skip The Sevens”, which features a focus group of diehard Apple fans being shown the Moto Z and told its an iPhone prototype after they admit they don’t think the iPhone 7 is bringing much innovation to the table.

After the demo in which the battery, speaker, and projector mods are showcased, it’s finally revealed that the phone they’ve been complimenting isn’t a prototype, but rather the Moto Z. The focus group has a lot of praise for the phones even after learning that the phone isn’t from Apple.

It’s an interesting take on trying to capitalize on Samsung’s billion dollar failure with the Galaxy Note 7 and Apple’s “courageous” decision to move the industry forward by splitting the audio peripheral standard into multiple formats.

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