Sep 8th, 2016

Leading up to the company’s September 19th unveiling, GoPro has released another teaser video for their first drone, which will don the name Karma. Viewable above, the video seems to show some sort of airborne camera that slowly descends to eye-level and manoeuvres through the tight corridors of a library.

We’re not sure if it’s the actual Karma drone being used in this video, but if it is, it’s an indication that GoPro made this thing VERY small because it’s taking some pretty tight turns and able to squeeze itself into some small areas as it tries to get around the room. More than size, though, is the potential of it being one of the most stable and precise consumer drones we’ve ever seen as there’s seemingly no hesitation for the operator to get the drone through tight spaces.

It’s so smooth, in fact, that we question whether it’s a drone being moved altogether. It’s our hope that it is, of course, but we’ll have to keep those hopes grounded in case this isn’t indicative of what we’re in store for. September 19th shouldn’t be too long of a wait to see just how close to reality this video is.

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