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In case you haven’t heard, a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded in China last week. The incident was chalked up to the use of a third-party USB-C cable, and with how many poorly made ones are floating around out there we aren’t surprised that people are running into issues.

Well, it’s been one week since that incident and already we have a copycat performance. Not much is known about this particular incident at the time, though the belief, once again, is that the device was charged using third-party equipment.

galaxy note 7 exploded

While it’s hard to verify the reports, Samsung is supposedly confirmed to have retrieved at least one of these devices for their own evaluation to figure out whether there’s a serious problem brewing.

This comes at a time where Samsung suddenly halted sales of the device in their own country. Coincidence? Maybe. Samsung has yet to give an official reason for the halt. When a similar move had to be made in several European countries, the delay was happily blamed on high demand, but this time they seem a little less interested in explaining their move.

In any case, it’s likely that your Galaxy Note 7 won’t run into any issues so long as you’re using official Samsung equipment to charge it, so be sure to spend the extra money to get extra charging cables from Samsung just to be safe. Let us know if you’ve run into any issues so far.

[via Business Korea]

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