Yikes! Someone’s Galaxy Note 7 battery blew possibly due to a USB Type-C adapter


The Galaxy Note 7 has only been available for the past couple of weeks, and it has already blown up on someone. A user in China has posted a series of pictures showing the destruction which appears to be the world’s “first deep fried Note 7”.

It seems that the battery blew up from the side and practically melted the entire device, leaving nothing but charred remains. This leads to the question of what happened, and the answer may be found in one of the pictures.

Note 7 burn 4

When looking at one of the users submitted pictures, it appears they are using a micro-USB to USB Type-C adapter, which may have been the culprit. USB Type-C has been a finicky beast ever since it was introduced, and led to a Googler leaving reviews on various USB Type-C cables which forced some manufacturers to redesign the cables to properly meet specifications.

Let this serve as a reminder to not purchase just any old USB Type-C adapter or cable, and to do some research before clicking that purchase button. Or, you could just carry the OEM cable/wall plug with you wherever you go to be on the safe side and so that your $900 device doesn’t get super toasty.

[Phona Arena via Baidu]


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