Aug 31st, 2016

Most smartwatches today already have pretty tough glass, but if you only trust the Corning name then their next invention is something you’ll be happy to hear about. The company’s Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ has been developed strictly for wearables.

The glass is said to have 70% better damage reflection and 25% better surface reflection than alternative glass. Here’s how they describe it:

Specifically designed for wearable devices, this new glass composite significantly reduces visible scratches while delivering the toughness, optical clarity and touch sensitivity that make Gorilla Glass famous.

Corning says this has been in the works since 2015, which isn’t a long time, mind you, but they’ve been hard at work, it seems. The glass is said to be heading to devices from leading brands as soon as later this year.

[via Corning]

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