Moto Z DROID’s first OTA update brings the July security patch


The Moto Z DROID is getting its first OTA update this week. It’s showing as version MCL24.246-36, and its 436MB file size is big enough to make us think some serious changes are aboard. Unfortunately, we’re not sure what all those changes may be as a changelog has yet to be discovered.

Motorola’s own word so far is that it includes “enhancements, improvements and the latest Android security updates”. That’s run of the mill, of course. What we can tell you is that the security level for the device is dated July 1st, which means Motorola is still a couple of months behind the curve with September’s patch looming.

moto z force update

This is going to be a thing for them, and they’re not shy about admitting it. When it was originally discovered that the Moto Z DROID and Force DROID were on the May security patch well into July, Motorola chalked it up to their own inability to release these things on a monthly basis and stood by their decision to rope security patches into their scheduled maintenance rollouts, even if those patches are months late.

Knowing their stance, you can either put up with it or choose to go with another company. That’s not to absolve them from such a disappointing standard, but they’ve made their choice and now you have to make yours. Head to the Settings menu if you want to pull the upgrade down.

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