Samsung Galaxy S8 said to have dual rear cameras


huawei honor 6 plus dual camera

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 have been coming in earlier than usual. We’ve heard about it possibly having a 4K display a couple of times, which leads us to believe it could be true. The next rumor that is starting to pop up more often is dual cameras. We first heard about dual cameras back in June.

Dual cameras is a trendy feature right now. Apple is said to have dual cameras in the iPhone 7, so it would make sense for Samsung to jump on board. Samsung already makes the best smartphone camera on the market. The rumor claims the primary camera will be the same 12MP sensor from current devices. The second camera will be a 13MP sensor. Having a secondary camera allows you to take photos with better depth-of-field. It could also be used as a wide-angle lens like on the LG G5.

It’s still very early for Galaxy S8 rumors, but a few features are starting to seem all but confirmed. Are you even thinking about this device yet?

[via SamMobile]

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