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We’re not sure what to make of this, but Allo is making some moves on Google Play. The app has started appearing in the New & Updated section of the Google Play Store, which could be a hint that a release is pretty close.

To be clear, Allo has been on Google Play since you could pre-register both of Google’s new communication apps (the other being Duo) shortly after their Google I/O unveilings. The thing is that Google never displayed that app in any of their discovery sections: you had to search for it or get the URL.

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Its presence on the new apps list could be an indicator that it’s finally ready to shred its pre-registration tag and go up for a 1.0 release to join Duo. Google presented both Duo and Allo as perfect complements of each other, so it’s likely they don’t want it to be too long before the messaging-focused aspect of their plan is implemented.

If you aren’t aware, Allo is a messaging app that uses the power of Google to make for a next-generation messaging experience. It will feature Google Assistant integration, which means you’ll get smart replies to quickly respond to things like requests for dinner or suggestions for movies. And when those suggestions are made, Google will help you out by pulling up cards that may feature the perfect restaurants and movie times.

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There are a whole lot of other exciting things coming as part of Allo which we think may make it the messaging app to have, and you can read more about them right here. But hopefully it won’t be too long before we’re done reading and we’re onto using the thing for ourselves.

[via Reddit]

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