Samsung’s latest Exynos 7 chip brings greater power for affordable devices


Samsung today announced the Exynos 7570 chipset. It’s clearly not a top-line chip for them as they’ve moved onto the Exynos 8 series for their 2016 flagships. So, what’s it for?


Cheap phones. The company built a quad-core chipset on their 14nm process, which gives a 70% power boost over the old 28nm process they were using for this class of chips. At the same time, it’s also 30% more efficient in power.

The chip supports Cat 4 LTE for wireless data, and also has the usual crop of essentials for Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS. Driving home the point of it being aimed at affordable devices is a display resolution cap of 1280 x 800, as well as caps of 12MP and 8MP for the rear and front cameras, though considering Samsung uses 12-megapixel sensors in the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and Note 7 tells us this doesn’t mean much. (And that’s not to say their cheapo phones will ever have cameras as robust as those, but it’s a point worth mentioning.) The chip is in mass production and is looking at a late 2016 date for its first deployment.

[via Samsung]

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