Samsung Galaxy S8 rumor points to dual-cameras and 4K display


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The Samsung Galaxy S7 is only four months old, but technology never takes a vacation. We’re already hearing rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8. A rumor from earlier this month claimed that the Galaxy S8 will have a 4K display. A new rumor has seemingly confirmed that and added more tantalizing features to the rumor mill.

According to a Chinese blog, the Galaxy S8 will come with a 2160×3840 resolution. At a time when 2K doesn’t even seem completely necessary, 4K seems way overboard. However, there is one reason why it makes a lot of sense: VR. More pixels makes for a better experience when the display is 4 inches from your face.

The new rumor also claims that Samsung will utilize dual cameras on the Galaxy S8. Dual cameras is something that many phones have tried to do, but only LG’s wide-angle camera has made sense. The Lenovo PHAB 2 Pro uses dual cameras for Tango functionality. It will be interesting to see how Samsung uses the cameras if this rumor is true. And that is a pretty big “if.” Rumors this far in advance tend to be lofty.

What are your thoughts on 4K displays on phones and dual-cameras?

[via Wccftech]

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