Aug 16th, 2016

At this year’s I/O developer conference, Google took the wraps off of two new applications: Allo and Duo. While Allo is supposed to be Google’s new smart messaging application with an assistant built into it, Duo is a brand new one-on-one video calling app made to be used across Android and iOS. Thanks to a blog post published by Google, we now know that Duo is being pushed out to the Google Play Store.

As you can see in Google’s promotional video above, Duo is supposed to feel more like a human conversation and less like a video conference. The application has a feature called “knock-knock” which will allow the recipient of the video call to see the person calling right from their lockscreen before even answering the call.

Duo screenshots

Unlike Google’s current video conferencing application Hangouts, Duo will be tied to your telephone number and can only be used on phones to make video calls to other phones. But with the app also rolling out to the iOS App Store, you should be able to start having better video calls with all of your friends and family no matter what mobile operating system they are using.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about how Duo will work for people who switch phones a lot or rely on a Google Voice phone number as their primary service line. These questions and more will be answered as soon as the application is rolled out to everyone and we get a chance to test it out. For now, you can check out the official Duo website to learn more about the app while you wait for it to roll out to everyone in the Google Play Store.

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