LG V20 pre-orders could begin on September 14th, modular accessories included


LGV20 render 2

The LG V20 is LG’s second attempt at a flagship phone for 2016. The LG G5 didn’t do so hot, which means LG is in need of a winner. A user on Reddit has revealed some information about the upcoming phone. The user shared information about the pre-order date and a few clues about new features.

First, pre-orders will begin at T-Mobile on September 14th and fully release by September 23rd. The V20 will cost $650 without a contract. In terms of features, it appears LG has not abandoned the modular idea completely. The phone will include an extra battery and an “enhanced hand grip.” The phone could also include something called a “memory module attachment.” We’re not really sure what this could be. A module that expands RAM seems odd.

One thing seems to be certain, LG is not giving up on modular design. Many expected LG to ditch the idea after woeful G5 sales. Do you think modular design is cool? Are you interested in the LG V20?

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