2,000 LG G5 owners get to test Android 7.0 Nougat early


It looks like LG wants to get in on the preview fun. The company is opening up an Android 7.0 Nougat preview program for owners of the LG G5. 2,000 lucky owners of the company’s latest flagship will get the chance to test the goods starting today.

lg g5 nougat

There’s a catch, unfortunately — not only do you have to be in South Korea, but you also have to be a customer of LG U+. That’s sure to be a bummer for many folks, however we aren’t going to lose hope on a more widespread field of participants just yet. It’s still possible that LG could let more folks from other regions and carriers in on the fun once they progress toward a more stable release.

That’s not to say get your hopes up, of course, but the possibility is always there. That’s why we’re going to reach out to see if they have plans to do just that. If you’re eager for Nougat on your LG G5 then stay tuned!

[via LG Korea]

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