The Samsung Gear S3 will have a lot more activity sensors than its predecessor


We’re nearing the debut of the Samsung Gear S3. While we aren’t we’ll be seeing it at Samsung’s Note 7 event tomorrow, an IFA that’s just a month away makes us confident the wait won’t be long. With that, we get new details on some hardware improvements.

According to SamMobile, Samsung is outfitting the device with a lot more sensors which should make it a more attractive option for fitness buffs. The company will include an altimeter to allow you to track altitude climbed, something that’s sure to be great for hikers and climbers. A speedometer will combo with the GPS unit for tracking not only distance traveled, but speed, too. Finally, a barometer will allow you to track atmospheric pressure, something that’s useful for athletes working out at high altitude.

Previous rumors hinted toward Samsung focusing more on the fitness aspect of the smartwatch despite the Samsung Gear Fit’s existence. It’s a sign that Samsung wants you to be able to use one device for both fashion and fitness, and we’re glad to see that you won’t have to compromise or be asked to buy 2 devices to do everything you need.

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