Samsung’s next smartwatch could be named “Gear S3 Frontier”


A new trademark for a Samsung wearable has just hit Korean databases. The company seems to be toying around with the name “Gear S3 Frontier,” according to the filing.

gear s3 frontier

Alongside your usual wearable categories, the trademark has a description that notes software interface to communicate with multiple health devices to record health conditions. The name “Frontier” could hint toward that fitness-focused venture, especially with the company.

We’re not sure why Samsung would market Samsung Gear S3 with fitness as a strict focus, which is why we believe it could be the name of a more fitness-centric smartwatch to launch alongside it. Think Moto 360 Sport, but hopefully without as much eye-bleeding orange in its rubber bands.

Of course, that’s only speculation. There’s not enough out there about Samsung’s plans to know anything for certain, other than they’ll repeat the circular form factor (complete with that awesome rotary dial element) that they debuted in the Samsung Gear S2. We should be hearing a bit more about their wearable plans at IFA Berlin in September, so stay tuned.

[via SamMobile]

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