How easily does the Moto Z bend? [VIDEO]


Despite mixed feelings regarding the Moto Z’s worth in the market, there’s no denying Motorola made a strong phone here in more ways than one. In terms of build, the company is using a lot more metal than we’re used to for their phones, and they’ve also made one of the thinnest products on the market.

But metal isn’t always synonymous with quality when it comes to the structural integrity of these things — we’ve seen a fair share of them crack since these bend tests have been popularized. How does Moto’s latest device perform in that regard?

You can find out in the video up above, but in case you can’t watch it we’re here to tell you it’s all good. YouTuber Jerry Rig put the phone through one of his torture tests to see how much punishment the device could take. A lighter to the display didn’t make pixels flinch until a full minute of burning, and it’ll take a lot more than your keys and pocket change to scratch any of the glass on the Moto Z.

Worlds THINNEST Smartphone BEND TEST Moto Z YouTube

And then there was the bend portion, which we honestly braced ourselves for as the Moto Z’s thin build didn’t have us confident that it could survive. Thankfully, it did, and although it bent just a tad, it sprung itself back into shape with a little bit of counter-bending at the end. It seemed to take quite a bit of pressure to do that, too, so it shouldn’t be warping just by sitting in your pocket.

These bend tests aren’t all that accurate or scientific, but it’s nice to know that a $700 device won’t take damage from life’s light bumps. Take a look above if you’re interested in seeing the test for yourself.

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