Verizon’s Galaxy Note 7 could have an August 19th release date


Some new details regarding availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have arrived. A Verizon insider reporting to PhoneArena claims to know of plans for the company to make the device available for pre-sale August 3rd, the day of its announcement. It won’t be much longer after that to see a release, either, as the device will supposedly launch on the carrier August 19th.

None of this is all that surprising as Samsung has taken a liking to fast launches in recent years. What we still have to figure out is whether other carriers will be throwing pre-sale opportunities up the same day. That also applies to the release date, though carriers are typically varied (usually no more than a week or so) in that regard.

In any case, it’s likely no matter which carrier you’re with, it won’t be a long wait to actually get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The only problem, then, is finding the time to play with it once the device hits your doorstep.

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