You can now beta test Koush’s Inkwire screen sharing app


A couple of weeks ago, famed developer Koushik Dutta teased a forthcoming app by the name of Inkwire. Inkwire, simply put, is a screen sharing app which lets one Android phone view the screen of another.

It’s not unlike Koushik’s other remote access app Vysor. Vysor allowed users to remotely access their Android phones for not only viewing, but also controlling navigation. The downside was that Vysor needed ADB to use it to its full potential, which was a bit of a bummer for those who aren’t technologically advanced.

Inkwire aims to simplify that concept. It’s screen sharing, but without the convenience of control. That’s the trade-off. Inkwire adds elements like voice chat and whiteboarding (writing on the screen) to help 2 parties communicate, so although the person doing the troubleshooting can’t carry out actions themselves, they can easily say or point to what they want the other person to do.

Inkwire in Action

In fact, some may say this is even more beneficial, as it gives the person who needs help a chance to do things on their own so that they might know how to do it in the future. Anyway, enough extolling the virtues of Inkwire: you can try it for yourself as a beta over at Google Play. Here’s how:

  1. You must join this community. Otherwise the beta will be unavailable to you.
  2. Opt into the beta by clicking here.
  3. Download the beta here. Sometimes this link takes a little while after you opt into the beta to show up.

And that’s it. You’ll want other accounts to opt into the beta to download it if you want to test it with someone, so be sure to pass that information along if to your friends if they’re interested.

[via Koush]

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