Blackberry Hamburg’s FCC documents also confirm Alcatel is manufacturing it


Still don’t believe TCL Communications — the parent company of Alcatel — is handling the manufacture of the Blackberry Hamburg? We first saw hints of this in the device’s Wi-Fi Certification documents that were revealed some time ago. Now, the FCC is hinting toward that same future.

BlackBerry NEON

Beyond that, the FCC listing does give us some actual hardware details. While we’ve heard much of it before through benchmark listings, it did reveal some stuff that the benchmark doesn’t list.

For starters, the lack of USB-C seems to be confirmed with FCC listing the device as having a micro-USB port. We also see that it has a 2,650mAh battery, NFC, WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth 4.2. Par for the course for a 2016 smartphone, especially once that isn’t expected to come in at the high-end mark.

Don’t forget that Blackberry has plans to talk about these devices starting next week. And with the FCC approving one of them, we’d love it if it weren’t much longer after that we were able to purchase one.

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