Blackberry will talk more about upcoming devices next week


Blackberry looks to be getting antsy about their new devices. The company confirmed that they are ready to start talking about their new wares at some point next week, which means they made good on their previous promise that we would start hearing stuff in July.

This revelation was made as an aside during the Blackberry Security Summit so as to get the bad news of no device talks at the conference out of the way early. As such, we’re not sure how to expect the news (there’s no known event going on) nor do we know what, exactly, Blackberry will share.

Earlier leaked images showed a device which has a premium look to it, and one which may be made by Alcatel. Despite the apparent need for Blackberry to outsource design or manufacturing, it does appear to have a unique Blackberry-esque feel to it.

BlackBerry NEON

Our obvious hope is at least some sort of off-the-cuff announcement and a potential first look at hardware as they did with the Blackberry PRIV, but we obviously won’t hold them to that without them having promised it. That’s why we’ll simply keep our ears and eyes open next week for whatever it is they’re ready to show off.

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