Android Nougat Developer Preview 5 introduces the ability to see where an app was installed from


While Google didn’t add a whole lot of new features to Android Nougat with yesterday’s launch of Developer Preview 5 (the final version of such releases), there were a couple of cool things tucked away. Alongside a cool new minigame was the apparent inclusion of new information regarding the source of installed apps.

Looking at an app’s info page now shows whether you installed the app from Google Play or through the phone’s package manager (which means you will have installed a third-party APK). This likely isn’t a big deal for those who keep tabs on what they’re installing, but it could be helpful in some situations, such as if you can’t remember whether the app you have installed is a beta version (some apps don’t use “beta” in their names) versus the stable version that’s available through Google Play.

Of course, our hope is that more developers will begin using Google Play’s new beta feature. In any case, it’s there, so keep that in mind if you’re not sure about one of the apps you have installed one day.

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