Samsung Galaxy Note 7 base model could come with 64 GB of storage



Smartphone storage has come a long way. It took a while to get rid of 8GB as the base storage option. Then it was 16GB, which is still offered by some. We’re finally at a time where most phones come with a minimum of 32GB. A new rumor out of Korea claims that 32GB isn’t good enough for Samsung.

A new rumor claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will have a minimum of 64GB of storage. This information comes from a carrier database in Korea. Unfortunately, it’s very possible that other carriers (like the ones in the U.S.) will still offer a 32GB model. We wouldn’t be too upset with a 32GB model, but it would be great if Samsung made 64GB standard across the board. More storage is a good thing for everyone.

How much storage do you have in your current phone? Do you feel like it’s enough?

[via SamMobile]

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