T-Mobile gives free data and more goodies to Pokémon GO players



The Pokemon GO craze has been well documented here on Phandroid and across the internet. It’s an unprecedented mobile phenomenon. To play the game you have to leave your house, which means leaving the confines of your WiFi network. The game doesn’t use a ton of data, but if you’re on a tight plan it can be more than you’d like.

T-Mobile will be making Pokemon GO the latest app with free data. Starting next Tuesday, the data you use while playing Pokemon GO won’t count toward your bill. This is the same thing T-Mobile has been doing for popular streaming services like Netflix and Spotify. The promotion will last for a full year, which is plenty of time to catch them all.

On top of free data, T-Mobile is offering a few more goodies for Pokemon GO players on Tuesday. Free Lyft rides (up to $15) to get to Pokestops and Gyms. Free Frosty’s to “fuel up for your hunting trip.” 50% off select accessories, including power packs and chargers, from T-Mobile stores. Plus, 250 people will win $100 in Pokecoins and 5 people will win Pokemon hunting trips to anywhere in the U.S.

Pokemania has officially gone insane. Be sure to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.

[via T-Mobile]

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