LG may be cooking up a successor to the LG V10


LG’s V10 was a surprising announcement in 2015, as it came to us in September just 5 months after the release of the LG G4. The device was met with mostly good praise for its flagship specs and rugged build quality. Plus, the V10 brought a second screen for users to interact with and set their favorite applications within.

LG V10

With the success of the LG V10 apparent, LG is reportedly in the works on a successor named the LG V20. The name isn’t finalized, but it is expected to be released before the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which will be unveiled on August 2nd. This both coincides with the start of the Olympic games in Rio, where Samsung will be giving participants, and a select number of hopefuls, a Olympic-themed Galaxy S7 Edge.

The report makes no mention of what the LG V20 will include, but states that the reason why LG is moving up the release date is so that LG doesn’t fall further behind its competition. With Samsung announcing the Galaxy Note 7 in August, and Apple expected to announce its newest devices in September (if they follow the traditional release pattern), any announcement by LG would probably be washed away rather quickly.

What do you think about LG releasing a successor to the LG V10? Is this a desperate ploy by LG to gain some of its lost market share back, or do you think it’s a moot point and LG should just concede to being at the bottom of the barrel?

[via ETNews]


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