16 Crazy Pokemon GO stories you don’t want to miss


Pokemon GO is sweeping the world in ways we could never have imagined. People are discovering lots of cool, fun, good, bad, and crazy things as they walk aroun trying to catch Pokemon. Everyone is making new friends thanks to Pokemon GO. Businesses and sports teams and even city police are embracing Pokemon GO to help everyone have a good time.

We’ve been coming across these stories all week, and it’s time we brought you some of the coolest, craziest, fun, and even heartwarming stuff that’s been going down thanks to Pokemon GO. Let’s go!

2 Marines use Pokemon GO to help police catch an attempted murder suspect

Turns out Pokemon GO is pretty great at apprehending attempted murder suspects! OK so, the 2 Marines who helped Police catch this guy didn’t exactly know he was that bad of a guy (they just reported him for child annoyance, but police later found outstanding warrants for a much more serious crime), but who’s keeping score?!

A guy was caught cheating on his girlfriend thanks to Pokemon GO

pokemon go location

The number one rule of cheating: don’t get caught. In today’s age, you have to be a lot more careful about that rule when it comes to cheating on your spouse, because that juicy Pikachu you caught at your mistress’s house can also be the very reason she finds out in the first place!

Watch this guy fall into a river trying to catch a Pokemon

A 196CP Rattata is pretty tempting, but we’re not so sure it’s tempting enough to make us completely disregard our surroundings and safety. Kind of reminds me of this.

A teenage girl wanders upon a dead body playing Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Girl dead body

Unlike the guy mentioned above, someone found themselves in a lake before Pokemon GO even came out. Unfortunately, it seems he died in what authorities ruled an accident. The girl who discovered the body says her quest to catch a Psyduck won’t be deterred by such a tragic discovery.

Robbers use Pokemon GO to lure in victims

As fun as Pokemon GO is, you had to expect someone to use it to do dirt at some point. A group of thieves setup lure modules at Pokestops to rob people at gunpoint when they got to the area. What no one told them is that their own location was given away as a result. Send this one off to World’s Dumbest Criminals before the awards season closes!

Pokemon like to pay their respects to the dead, too

No, we’re not necessarily surprised that there are Pokemon in a funeral home during an actual wake. We’re more surprised that this guy is so addicted to Pokemon GO that he can’t even sit through a funeral without playing it.

People are actually starting Pokemon training services

pokemon go trainer

People will try to make a market out of anything, we suppose. Might not be a bad idea to inquire about Pokemon catching and training services if you want to accelerate your progression!

Westboro Baptist Church is using Pokemon to spread hateful messages


The controversy with this church doesn’t end. Westboro Baptist Church is known for their radical views on secular things such as homosexuality, so, of course, someone decided to catch a Clefairy, rename it LoveisLove, and make it the sole defender of the WBC Pokemon Gym. The church didn’t take too kindly to the gesture and fought back with some Pokemon-fueled hate of their own.

A baseball stadium lets fans catch Pokemon on the field

durham bulls pokemon

OH. MY. GOD. It’s like a real world Pokemon Safari. You can pay the Durham Bulls Baseball Club $5 (proceeds go to charity) to take a tour of the field and, well, catch Pokemon there! They’re likely to have lure traps going while you’re there so you should be able to find a bunch.

People are offering chauffeur services for Pokemon GO players

Why walk when you can ride? Some people have started offering rides to Pokemon GO players. They’ll take the best routes so you can find the most Pokestops, and the ride ultimately ends at the hottest Pokemon destination in your area. Sign me up!

Someone’s house somehow became a Pokemon gym

Well, it’s not too surprising when you consider the circumstances: Boon Sheridan bought himself an old church to live in. Little did he know, that church was submitted to Niantic as a Pokemon Gym in his heyday. He’s all game for the traffic, but he’s having a bit of a trash problem that might start making him reconsider!

People are kayaking into the middle of oceans to battle gyms

pokemon kayaking

We don’t know how or why a fountain in the middle of a big body of water became a Pokemon gym, but that didn’t stop 2 kayakers from rowing out there to claim it. That’ll probably be the toughest Pokemon Gym to reclaim for those not fortune enough to be on team blue!

Even Vince McMahon is playing Pokemon GO!

Who says billionaires can’t have fun? Vince Kennedy McMahon — the stoic chairman of the WWE — is playing Pokemon GO, too. He might well fire the weight room’s manager for letting a Gastly, of all things, inside.

vince fired

An animal shelter is using Pokemon GO to get volunteer dog walkers

If people are going to finally get off the couch and start walking, why not take the dogs with them? That was the thought of one animal shelter who used the Pokemon GO craze to help lure more volunteers to their cause. It’s like having a real Pokemon with you while you’re out catching your fake ones! (Oh, and don’t let PETA hear about this.)

This kid is making Pokemon badges that light up to keep people safe

pokemon badges

One of the best things about battling a Pokemon Gym is getting the badge to show you’ve done it! While we don’t have that quite yet, one kid is looking out for his peers by making Pokemon badges that glow in the dark to make sure people notice they’re walking around.

Pokemon GO is having a real impact on mental health

Let’s end it off with a soft one: people are actually overcoming their fears to get out of the house and mingle thanks to Pokemon GO! Dr. Grohol of Psych Central says that there’s never been anything quite like Pokemon GO, and it’s clear that it’s proving to be a great tool for anxiety and depression sufferers who otherwise might prefer to stay at home.

Go make stories of your own!

It’s always great to read about these stories, but now it’s time to start making some of your own. If you aren’t already playing then be sure to read up on how to play Pokemon GO, as well as the best accessories and tools you’ll need to play Pokemon GO. Have something cool to share with us? Let us know in the comments below! Have fun and stay safe!

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