Pokémon GO update for Android now shows less detailed map information so bae wont catch you slippin’


After iOS users were greeted to an update yesterday with security fixes, a new update for the Android version of Pokemon Go is rolling out now on Google Play. Arriving as version 0.29.2, the update brings compatibility with Intel Atom processors, Android N, and now shows much less detailed map information for the Pokemon in your Pokedex.

Although the exact reasoning behind this isn’t clear (it also wasn’t in the app’s changelog on Google Play), it could have something to do with kids accidentally posting their exact locations online, or even some of the “bad press” the app has received for destroying relationships.

Allegedly, a woman was able to catch her man cheating with his ex by checking the location of his Pokemon catches for the day. Although the app never revealed specific addresses, the Pokedex map was more than accurate enough, down to the city block. Now, the map looks much different, zoomed way out to show the general city where the Pokemon was caught. Hate the playa, not the game.

We’re not sure how upset anyone will be over this move, but for those looking to help out friends by showing them exactly where a Pokemon was caught, we’ll that’s a little harder now. You can download Pokemon Go via the Play Store link below.

Download on Google Play: Pokemon Go

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