Are Pokémon Go players childish idiots or nostalgic geeks? [POLL]


Pokémon Go has done more in the past week than Nintendo probably ever expected for the game to do, especially with shares of Nintendo skyrocketing by 24%. It has brought nostalgia to the millenial’s who grew up playing the original trilogy of games on on Game Boys, and has influenced more folks to get off the couch and meet other potential Pokémon trainers. However, there are still some out there who don’t quite understand why this game is so exciting and riveting that it has taken the mobile world by storm.

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Not all good news has surrounded Pokémon Go, as it has experienced so many server issues that players everywhere are experiencing freezes while trying to catch Pokémon. The game has led to folks not paying attention to where they are going and falling into a pond, someone stumbling onto a dead body while playing, and even instances of Pokémon trainers being robbed at gun point. Regardless, these events haven’t slowed down the interest in Pokémon Go and has led to friends comparing their Pokémon collections.

If you don’t know what Pokémon Go is, be sure to head over to the Forums to check out what’s going on and what all the craze is about and check out Phandroid’s How-To so you can get started. If you’re already a Pokémon Trainer, check out these essential accessories and tools to keep you rolling throughout your travels, and helping you become the best of the very best. 

In the mean time, we wanted to ask you a pretty awesome question, are Pokémon Go players childish idiots, or nostalgic geeks? The arguments can be made for both sides of the fence, but we want to know what you all think about this topic.

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