10 essential accessories and tools you should be using to play Pokemon GO


All you really need to play Pokemon GO is your phone, but if you want to be a master then there are a lot of other tools that could be helpful to you on your quest go catch ’em all. We’ve gone and brought to light some of the best accessories to help you out while you’re scuttling about. Don’t be surprised to find some unorthodox stuff on this list, either — they really are necessary in some cases!

The Pokemon GO Plus

This is the ultimate accessory you can get to make sure you’re at the height of your Pokemon-catching game. This wristband — once paired with your phone — will vibrate whenever you’re near a Pokemon or come to a Pokestop. If it’s a Pokemon, pressing the button will allow you to catch it without even having to take your phone out. Pressing the button at a Pokestop will quickly fill your bag with the free items commonly found at these stops, such as Pokeballs.

Pokemon Go Plus 2

Unfortunately, the Pokemon GO Plus wristband is sold out nearly everywhere you look. You can find some selling them on eBay, but be prepared to pay much higher than list price if you decide to go that route. If you can wait then we recommend going that route.

Keep your battery going with a battery pack

As fun as it is to run around catching Pokemon all day, it can take a huge toll on your smartphone’s battery. If you simply can’t limit yourself to playing a few times per day then you’ll definitely want to get hooked up with a battery pack.

jacker battery pack

There are some great options to be had on the cheap, including this 20,000mAh battery pack that we love. It’ll charge your phone multiple times, and do so quickly.

Or a battery backpack

Powerbag Cover

These things have batteries inside which can charge your smartphone while you tote all your belongings around. This’ll be an especially important item for those who might need more than a couple of things on this list. Amazon has a great selection, and we’ll personally give a nod to this one if you need some direction.

Get yourself a protective phone case

Official Nexus 6 case Google Store DSC00186

Almost anything will do. You’ll have your phone out pecking around and looking to track down the Charmander that keeps calling your name. Even the most careful of us can have our phones slip out of our hands at some point, so get yourself some peace of mind while you’re focused on the hunt. Amazon has a ton of cases for whatever phone you might happen to be playing on so explore them right here, but if you can find a battery case for your phone you’ll be knocking out two (non-Pokemon) birds with one stone.

Use your ears to track Pokemon down with headphones


A bustling city can also be a loud city, and audio cues are one of the primary tools used in Pokemon GO to alert you of nearby critters. Grab some headphones to make sure you don’t miss those cute roars they make when they appear near you. Just make sure you’re keeping the headphones low enough to remain aware of your surroundings.

Use a Selfie Stick to capture your memories

selfie stick

Believe it or not, Pokemon GO is a highly social experience and if you’re the type who likes to mingle with fellow trainers then a selfie stick could be worth your while. No, it won’t let you take photos with your newly-caught Pokemon, but a selfie stick can be an invaluable tool to get you and a group of other traveling trainers into a shot to record memories.

Get insoles to keep your feet well

walking texting

The best Pokemon trainers will be traveling far and wide to find as many Pokemon as they can. You’re going to want to stay comfortable out there on your feet, so if you don’t have comfortable shoes to get the job done then general purpose insoles may do the trick. Dr. Scholls has always worked great for me.

Apply sunscreen if you’ll be outside all day

Oh, and those who can’t sit too long in the summer sun without a summer burn should probably pick up a bottle of this stuff, too.

Use a bike mount to keep your hands where they need to be


Biking is another great way to cover a lot of ground in Pokemon GO. You’ll always want to keep 2 hands on your bike handles while you’re riding, so using a bike mount is a great way to keep an eye on your Pokemon GO app while you’re rolling down the sidewalk or bike trail.

Get a car mount to do the same thing

The same goes for cars, too (because people actually are using precious gas to drive around and find Pokemon). Get a car mount to stick into your window so your hands can remain on the wheel. Be sure to only attempt to catch Pokemon once you’re parked or come to a full stop at a stoplight!

What else do you use?

This list is chock full of stuff that you may never have even thought would be useful to you for playing Pokemon Go. What else do you use, if anything at all? Be sure to share your toolkit for chasing down Pokemon in the comments ahead!


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