Watch this guy fall into a pond while playing Pokemon Go [VIDEO]


If you haven’t heard, Pokemon Go is all the rage right now and no matter what you’re feelings are on the subject, I think we can all agree the above video is pretty damn hilarious. While keeping a close eye on the in-game map, a Pokemon Go player found himself taking an unexpected dip in a pond while rushing to get to a nearby Lure Module.

Guess he forgot to pay closer attention to his surroundings (we’re sure playing in the dead of night didn’t help), failing heed the game’s warning upon every boot up:

Pokemon GO Screenshot_20160712-120418

Because the game requires players to keep their noses buried inside their phones in hopes of catching new Pokemon or spotting Lure Modules (an in-game item that attracts Pokemon to a specific location), it’s easy to overlook real world warning signs, obstacles, or cars. Seriously though. Be careful out there, guys.

Chris Chavez
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