Teen girl stumbles upon dead body while playing Pokémon GO


If you’ve spent even short amount of time online today, you’ve no doubt come across endless chatter talking about Nintendo’s smash hit mobile game, Pokemon GO. It’s safe to say the title has officially captured the heart of gamers everywhere and for good reason — it’s unlike anything you’re currently playing.

For those unaware, Pokemon GO encourages players to get off the couch and explore the world outside, rewarding them with unique creatures and items that can only be obtained in real-world locations. While it’s great to see a video game getting people out of the house… the real world can be a dark and scary place.

Riverton Wyoming river pokemon go body

Take this 19 year old girl from Riverton, Wyoming who, after venturing out of her house to play a quick session of Pokemon GO, stumbled upon an actual dead body. Not exactly the type of Pokemon she was expecting. In a statement to local news station KTVQ she said:

“I was walking towards the bridge along the shore when I saw something in the water. I had to take a second look and I realized it was a body. I was pretty scared and cried for a while.”

Apparently, the girl had to jump a fence in order to reach the river, but why head there in the first place? That’s because the game hides specific types of Pokemon according to their geographical location. For instance, “water-type” Pokemon can only be found near bodies of water, which sounded like a great idea until the body turned up.

Police say the body had only been deceased for less than 24 hours and according to The Verge, despite there only being 3-feet of water, there’s no evidence here of foul play. In either case, be careful out there, guys. This isn’t Pallet Town, after all.

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