Jul 8th, 2016

Earlier this week, a recreation of the Nexus Sailfish was made by based on real prototypes in the works. The render revealed a pretty interesting look for the device, though some are apparently jumping ahead to see how it may look in other colors.

Reddit user ApSciLeonard recreated the renders in Photoshop and applied different colors to it. You can see it below in light grey, white, and red color models.

nexus sailfish color 4

nexus sailfish color 3

nexus sailfish color 2

Even though these are obviously not real, you can get an idea of the potential for some unique looks in the 2016 Nexus phones. The only phone that Google has gone a bit on the wild side with in terms of color options is the Nexus 5X and its mint coat of paint. The company tends to prefer a more muted range and leaves you to cases or skins for anything more.

What color would you like to see the 2016 Nexus phones in? I would kill for a black model with orange highlights, but I know that’s a pretty unobtainable dream. Be sure to sound off below!

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