Will you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 if it has a curved display?


All the rumors and leaks to date tell us not to expect two variants of the  Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We first saw Samsung do it back in 2014, but they stuck to one model in 2015.

The word comes from a local Korean newspaper who says Samsung will not make a flat model of the device this year. Instead, we’re getting one with a dual-edge display and nothing more.

Many people have expressed discontent with the lack of choice in that regard. It’s fine with the Galaxy S7 line since Samsung is still speaking to both crowds, but those who are fans of the Galaxy Note family will potentially be forced to ditch the traditional form factor for one that Samsung finds more appealing and exciting.

Are you one of those people? Do you not like the change to curved displays? Would you rather have choice or do you want the Galaxy Note 7 no matter what? Don’t be afraid to express your opinion straight ahead.

[via Korean Herald]

Quentyn Kennemer
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