T-Mobile Tuesday struggles again, extends gifts through Friday


John Legere

A week after the disaster that was free Domino’s pizza, T-Mobile Tuesdays is back. This week, the gifts included a free Frosty from Wendy’s, free Lyft ride up to $15, $20 MLBshop coupon, and a free Vudu movie rental. Unfortunately, users who tried to take advantage of the freebies through the app ran into some problems.

The app was struggling to keep up with demand all day. T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, even addressed the issue on Twitter. The good news is the app is running fine again and most of the freebies have been extended to Friday. If you were unable to use the app yesterday, try it again sometime this week.

The T-Mobile Tuesdays campaign is a way for T-Mobile to give back to customers. If you’re a T-Mobile customer, all you need to do is download this app. Every week you’ll be greeted with a new selection of deals and freebies.

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