Jun 3rd, 2016 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:01 pm

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 (or 7?) might not be here until later this Summer, but we’re bound to hear details on its brain and brawn well before them. We may have gotten our first substantial evidence of the device’s design today.

USwitch — as they often do — obtained leaked blueprints for the latest Galaxy Note device and decided to make renders based on the specifications. What we get is a largely familiar device that doesn’t seem too extraordinary at first, but some details given by USwitch may change those feelings.

galaxy note 6 renders 1

For starters, that hole for the USB port below is said to house a USB Type-C connector. This is the first time Samsung will have used the new tech in one of their flagships. Some people are actually grateful for that considering it isn’t yet mature enough to become ubiquitous.

.galaxy note 6 renders 3

Beyond that, the renders show a large collection of sensors sitting atop the display. While we might ordinarily identify these as a smattering of light and proximity sensors complete with a front-facing camera module, USwitch reminds us that there’s a higher concentration of them than we normally see. This might lend credence to rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will have an iris scanner, and considering Samsung finally decided to use one inside of an affordable commercial device (albeit one aimed at businesses) we’d say it’s not too much of a stretch.

Everything else is as we’d expect. There’s a holding bay with a pen on the lower right of the device, and the display is about as “Edgey” as rumors have told us to expect.