Jun 21st, 2016

Twitter is expanding their video platform today. The company is now allowing users to upload Twitter videos that are up to 140 seconds long. It’s a cheeky limit that matches the same limit they put on the amount of characters you can use in a Tweet.

Furthermore, Twitter says that they’re also upping the limit of Vine videos soon. It sounds like whipping through a Vine timeline will still produce the 6-second clips you love, but the new functionality will allow creators to use 6-second clips as the trailer for longer videos. It’s pretty neat stuff for those into this bite-sized video stuff.

Next up, Twitter is revamping the full-screen video experience. Now, going full-screen will bring up a list of recommended videos to explore on the lower portion of your screen. It’s always about discoverability, folks.

Twitter says the character limit will be lifted starting today, while the video exploration and Vine features will be here “soon.” Head to Google Play to make sure your app is updated.

[via Twitter]

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