The OnePlus 3 is subjected to a set of torture tests to test its durability [VIDEO]


When looking at purchasing a new device, there are many different factors that we take into account: Price, size, storage, general specs, and build quality. The reason that build quality is so important today is due to the fact that our mobile devices are subject to more abuse than any other electronics in our day to day lives. In order to get a good idea as to how a device will hold up, there are a few YouTube videos that take a look at the general durability through torture tests.

OnePlus 3 DSC00310

The OnePlus 3 was just announced last week, but that hasn’t stopped YouTuber “JerryRigEverything” from giving us an idea as to how this device will hold up in even extreme situations. The video shows the OnePlus 3 going through a set of three different torture tests: Bend test, Scratch test and Burn test. These tests are a little bit out in left field, but help give everyone an idea as to what to expect when certain events happen to the OnePlus 3.

The first test is the Scratch test which tests the durability of the display, camera lens, and body. The OnePlus 3 ranks among the top ranks in this test due to the all aluminum chassis and Gorilla Glass 4 display. Next up we see the Burn test. This just tests to see how much heat the OnePlus 3 can withstand before being rendered unusable. After applying flame to the display for 14 seconds, you start seeing a discoloration in the display panel. However, unlike other devices, the OnePlus 3 seems to heal itself and not leaving any permanent damage. The final test is to see if the OnePlus 3 bends. As with most aluminum devices, the OnePlus 3 does bend, but it can be bent back into place, and the display can be snapped back into place.

All in all, these tests are a bit unusual, but at least you’ll know that the OnePlus 3 is able to withstand quite a bit of abuse without completely breaking. It looks like OnePlus subscribed to the idea of bending without breaking.

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