OnePlus 3 uses Samsung’s Super AMOLED display and works with T-Mobile’s VoLTE


Some new details about the OnePlus 3 have surfaced. For starters, that “Optic AMOLED” display OnePlus is using is actually a standard Samsung Super AMOLED display, only it was tuned to deliver the best balance between color accuracy and sharpness.

OnePlus hinted toward that much in their press material, but it’s nice to know what, exactly, we’re dealing with. And considering Samsung has proven to make some of the most quality smartphone displays on the market it’s safe to say no one will be disappointed with this news.

oneplus 3 (5)

Moving on, many folks were curious about the OnePlus 3’s data capabilities. We know it works on all GSM networks and nearly all major LTE bands. T-Mobile customers, in particular, will be happy to hear that not only does it support Band 12 LTE, but it will also support VoLTE.

VoLTE uses the high-speed data network to transmit voice which makes for clearly and more reliable calling. Unfortunately, OnePlus was a bit vague with their answer as to whether it will actually work. If you don’t know, T-Mobile requires devices to be certified for VoLTE use before they can actually use the feature, so we’re still waiting to hear if OnePlus gained that certification.

Need to learn more about the OnePlus 3? We lay out all the details you need to know right here. Here’s how it compares to some of its contemporaries. And if you want an even better look at the thing then OnePlus’s official promo video for the OnePlus 3 is waiting for you above.

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