Jun 15th, 2016

Our review of the LG G5 showed that the phone’s camera was on par with its competitors, and now DxOMark has finally gotten a chance to thoroughly review the phone. While the final score given to the LG G5 by DxOMark for image and video quality is 86, the camera itself received a mark of 88 – the exact same number that was given the to the HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

While all three smartphones have the same score, individually, they excel in different areas. The LG G5 tied with the S7 for best exposure/contrast, autofocus and flash performance and tied with the HTC 10 for highest marks in color reproduction. The HTC 10 beat out the other two with its texture and artifacts scores, while the Galaxy S7 was the winner in the noise category.

What’s clear is that LG, Samsung and HTC have delivered incredible cameras this year. If you want a smartphone that captures great images, you can’t go wrong if you pick up one of these three phones.


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