This replica Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout 4 can pair with your Android phone [VIDEO]


Love Fallout 4? No like, do you actually have an undying love for the game or series in general and wouldn’t mind spending $350 to fill your heart with joy? Then you need this thing.

pip boy 2

This replica Pip-Boy 3000 model does more than just snap onto your wrist. The old plastic smartphone case Bethesda released for the special edition of Fallout 4 did that well enough.

No, this replica has its own dedicated display which shows things like status (battery life, time and such, we imagine). You can take calls on it. You can even play music on it. The nobs, buttons and dials all work just like they do in the game.

Mind you, you’re probably not going to be able to point this thing at any living being and figure out which limbs you can target to critically injure them, but that’s fine. We hate violence, anyway. Here’s a full list of what this thing can do and other extras it comes with:

  • Take calls on your Pip-Boy, play music through it, or just have the coolest wristband in the wasteland
  • Comes with RobCo Industries stand that doubles as a charging base and speaker
  • Ships in a Capsule-Case-inspired tin designated for Vault 111 deployment
  • Not a phone case – integrated screen and on-board Pip-OS software
  • Although a few are decorative, most of the knobs, dials, and buttons function
  • Default functions: Cosplay mode (displays Status, Special, and Perks screens) and alarm clock
  • Additional functions when paired to Bluetooth® device: SMS messaging (receive only), phone (receive or place calls and access contacts), and audio file streaming
  • Stereo speakers in both device and stand

There’s just one catch here: there are only 5000 of these being made. You’ll want to grab one sooner rather than later, because once they’re all gone they’re sure to become collectors’ items that only the most hearty (and porous) of bank accounts will be able to acquire.

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