Samsung Gear 360 update is supposed to improve camera quality, but some say it doesn’t


The Samsung Gear 360 is picking up a camera update today. Firmware C200GLU0APE4 is supposed to bring the following changes:

  • Time lapse menu added to onboard camera settings (set video resolution)
  • Front/rear lens adjustment for optimized color matching from each lens input
  • Image quality improvement

Sounds good overall, no? Unfortunately, SamMobile — who has been testing the firmware for about a week now — says that the update doesn’t seem to improve much of anything. While that color matching improvement is supposed to help eliminate the stitching lines that can be caused during recording, it’s said that the stitching issue still remains.

One thing we do get is the ability to set video resolution and a time lapse menu, so that’s cool. But if the image and video quality are still sub par then we suppose that’s not going to be good for much of anything. In any case, grab the latest Gear 360 Manager app update from the Samsung Apps store, and then proceed to get this firmware loaded onto your Gear 360 camera if you have one.

[via Android Central]

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