Jun 15th, 2015

fallout 4 pip-boy

Fallout fans will appreciate this one. The special edition of Fallout 4 (read about the new game on Xbox One Daily) will come with a Pip-Boy arm attachment to use as a second screen accessory for the console title.

If you’re not aware, Pip-Boy was the smart watch of olden times. It’s big and clunky by today’s standards, but for those in the Fallout universe it’s a necessary tool that delivers information on your environment, enemies, your inventory and even your own vital health.

The attachment will work with your phone and show you information about the game in real time, so you can refer to it in a jiffy instead of pulling up the digital version in-game. You just drop your phone in (there will be foam inserts to customize the cradle for different smartphone sizes) and it’ll be just like the abomination you happen to find in the game.

But if you don’t plan to buy that $120 special edition you’ll be happy to know that the companion app can still be used with Fallout 4 just as it would inside the Pip-Boy. The app should be available the day the game launches (November 10th) so be sure to check Google Play for the download once it arrives.

[via TechCrunch]