Moto Z vs Galaxy S7 vs HTC 10 vs LG G5 [CHART]


moto z vs galaxy s7 vs htc vs lg

The Motorola Moto Z and Motorola Moto Z Force have finally been announced. These devices are some of the most interesting we’ve seen this year. After LG’s poor attempt at a modular phone, Lenovo and Motorola have taken a simpler approach. Moto Mods are what set the Moto Z apart from the crowd, but what about everything else? Let’s compare.


Moto Z Leaning

The Moto Z has the biggest display of the bunch, but everyone is on the same page in terms of resolution. The Moto Z is going to feel a lot bigger compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7. Not only is the display bigger, but there is also a lot more bezel.

Motorola and Samsung have AMOLED displays while the HTC 10 and LG G5 are LCD. This is more of a personal preference. If you like super deep blacks and saturated colors, AMOLED is the way to go. LCD will be brighter and more true-to-life.


Moto Z Front and Back

If megapixels is all you care about, the Moto Z Force is the winner here. 21MP is much more than the 12MP on the Galaxy S7 and HTC 10. The LG G5 comes closest with 16MP. But don’t get caught up in those numbers. The true test will come when we see sample photos.

Samsung and LG are the leaders in camera quality right now. The Galaxy S7 and G5 both take super photos, and the HTC 10 isn’t far behind. Motorola is not known for producing great cameras, but they have been doing better lately. We’ll have to test the Moto Z for ourselves before we make any claims here.


Moto Z Power Pack Incipio JAD_0211

Inside the Moto Z is a Snapdragon 820 processor. That’s the same silicon that was quality enough to get Samsung back on board as a customer with the Galaxy S7, and the same one you’ll find in the G5 and HTC 10. With Moto’s history of being light on system resources, there’s little doubt the Moto Z will have enough juice to drive a stutter-free Android Marshmallow experience.

In terms of RAM, there’s a comfortable 4GB sitting inside, which is matched by the HTC 10, Galaxy S7, and LG G5. The only thing separating any of these phones in terms of raw performance are things that can’t quite be judged this early on, such as file system optimization, memory speed, and software.

Battery life is where the Moto Z Force pulls ahead. It’s packing a 3500 mAh battery, which is 500 mAh more than the regular Moto Z and both the Galaxy S7 and HTC 10. The regular Moto Z comes in last place with just 2600 mAh.


Lenovo Moto Z Mods JAD_0236

On the spec sheet, these devices have a lot in common, but on the surface, they couldn’t be more different. The Moto Z utilizes “Moto Mods” to add extra functionality. You can slap on a battery pack, speaker, or even a projector. That’s why the Moto Z has such a small battery. Motorola wants you to use a Moto Mod with it.

The LG G5 has a similar approach, but far less useful. The only real modular accessory is a bulky camera grip. It can’t be swapped out without rebooting your phone. The Galaxy S7 isn’t modular, but Samsung made it waterproof, which is a big deal for some people. HTC’s craziest feature is the fact that it has no crazy features. Some people like that, too.

Only time will tell if the Moto Mods are as useful as Lenovo and Motorola seem to think. If they are, it could be a revolutionary change in the mobile industry.

Which phone is the best?

Our Moto Z coverage is still forthcoming, but you can check out our HTC 10 review, LG G5 review, and Samsung Galaxy S7 review for more info on those three contenders. With the info you have right now, though, which of these phones do you think claims the throne in the early parts of 2016?

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