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How awesome would it be to receive a notification to open an app as a reminder of a coupon you have for that store? Well, that’s where Nearby from Google comes into play. Nearby was just formally introduced after much speculation as to when and if this technology would be released.

Google Nearby

We saw something similar to Nearby in action at Google I/O 2016 through the Physical Web Project, which was introduced in February. But what sets Nearby apart is that it doesn’t only work with the Chrome browser on your mobile device.

The way that Nearby works is through the help of Beacons, Bluetooth and Location services. The location that you’re near needs to have Beacon’s installed, but you also need to have Bluetooth and Location Services toggled on via your device.

Here are some examples of when Nearby would be activated:

For someone who’s knee-deep in Google’s ecosystem, Nearby will let you know when there’s a Google Cast or Android Wear device close. Then a notification will prompt you to set the device up, all just by being in proximity to it.

This is really awesome, but the biggest worry comes in regards to implementation. While there are already a few partners such as CVS Pharmacy and United Airlines, for this to really be useful is if more vendors and locations make this available.

Nearby from Google is rolling out today as part of the an upcoming Google Play Services update, and will work on an Android device running at least Android 4.4 KitKat.

[via Android Official Blog]


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