This portable smart guitar lets you rock out on your Android phone


Guitars are amazing. They’re responsible for the many smooth riffs and solos you hear throughout many sons. There’s a nice variety, too — bass, acoustic, and you can’t forget about the almighty electric.

But guitars can be annoying, too. For starters, they’re hard to carry around, so unless you have an important set coming up or you’re heading to a recording session you’ll probably want to leave it at home more often than not.

They can also be obnoxiously loud, something we imagine the parents of a household aren’t particularly happy about (nor is it appropriate to do in public unless you’re meant to perform).

Enter this thing: a smart guitar. It’s the JamStik+, and it’s essentially a plastic guitar neck with real strings.


Tugging on those strings won’t produce any of that great sound you’re used to on their own, though — you plug this thing into a MIDI interface or your smartphone (with the newly-launched JamStik app for Android) and play away. You can even slap on your favorite pair of cans and jam out without having to annoy those around you.

jamstik 2

Of course, this isn’t going to replace your Fender or Gibson you love so much, nor will it be able to produce the same sort of raw sound those guitars do, but it can be nice for a quick rough recording session, some educational strumming, or even just for fun. Amazon has them for $299.99 right here, and you can download the Android app for your Marshmallow or higher phone right here.

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