You can now use Amazon’s Alexa in your browser


The development community has created – a browser-based interface to interact with Amazon’s Alexa. Simply visit the website, log in using your Amazon credentials and you can start talking to Alexa. Naturally, talking to Alexa through your computer’s web browser isn’t as simple as it is if you own the Amazon Echo, but Alexa is just as witty as ever. You do need to press and hold the on-screen microphone button, but that’s a minor inconvenience considering you don’t have to actually buy the Amazon Echo.

We don’t think anyone will be using the Alexa browser-based interface on a regular basis, but it is a quick and easy way to see if the Amazon Echo is a product worth buying. 

Do you think the Amazon Echo is worth buying or will you be waiting for Google Home to come out this fall?

Nick Gray
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