Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a charming platform puzzle game that’ll tug at your heart


One of console’s true gems has made its way to Android. It’s Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. No, it isn’t exactly Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy or any other big names we’ve seen enter Google Play.

But it’s a game that’s definitely worth your attention. Brothers follows the tale of, well, two brothers — Naia and Naiee. One is big, strong, and courageous, while the other is a bit shy and leans on his brother to prop him up.

They’ll both need each other in this quest, though. Their father has fallen ill, and it’s up to the boys to find the Water of Life elixir that they’ve heard about to help keep him from dying.

The game features a unique cooperative style of gameplay that’s suited for single player fun. You control both brothers at different points in the game. You might need the bigger brother to move a rock while the smaller one needs to go into a hole that only he can fit into.

brothers 1

And that’s where the realization hits you: family is important, and we should always do what we need to help one another. It might not be Hollywood-level storytelling, but you’re getting a beautiful, emotional, and most of all, fun game. All it’ll cost you is $2.99 (which will go up to $4.99 before too long). Give it a go at Google Play right here.

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