May 31st, 2016

Through the month of may, T-Mobile is having a buy one get one free deal on all Samsung Galaxy smartphones currently available from the mobile carrier. This promotion includes everything from Samsung’s newest device, the Galaxy S7, to more budget friendly devices such as the Galaxy CORE Prime.

Of course, there is some fine print that surrounds this deal from T-Mobile. The first requirement is that the purchased phone must go onto the carrier’s equipment installment plan. Another rule is that both phones must stay active on the service for as long as the first phone is being paid off or else you will then need to pay for the remainder of the second device that you got for free.

Within 30 days of making your purchase, head on over to T-Mobile’s promotional page to redeem the deal. It may take several weeks for it to go through but when it does, the carrier will start reimbursing you with prepaid Mastercard credit cards. Make sure to read through all of the fine print found below.


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