Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition unveiled in official unboxing [VIDEO]


Earlier today, Samsung was teasing some sort of superhero themed Batman edition Galaxy S7 Edge in partnership with the DC fighting game Injustice. We didn’t know what they were planning, but special edition devices like this aren’t unheard of, especially for Samsung who released a special Iron Man themed Galaxy S6 Edge last year.

Before anyone could even get their hands on the phone, Samsung is unveiling the phone — officially called the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition — in one of their official unboxing videos.The phone is now completely black — blacker than the gun metal/blue-ish hue of the regular S7 Edge — but features subtle gold accents around the camera, home button, and speaker grill. Of course, there’s a golden Batman logo emblazoned on the back. The phone UI itself has also been completely themed with matching, icons, lock screen and phone app fitting for the Dark Knight.

Inside the box there’s a golden Batarang (not really, but that’s what we’re calling it), a murdered out Samsung Gear VR, some headphones, and a special Batman armored case to keep your investment safe. No word on when (or if) we’ll be able to buy this version for ourselves, but we’ll keep you posted. Would anyone consider picking this up?


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